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Emec Scientific Sdn Bhd has been providing premium quality pathology, autopsy & necropsy equipment since 2013. We strive for the ultimate customer assistance and services

Emec Scientific is a specialist in the custom design and manufacture of grossing stations, autopsy tables, laboratory ventilation systems and laboratory maintenance and engineering.

Operating out of Selangor, Malaysia, Emec Scientific has completed laboratory projects across the Asia region including Singapore, Pakistan, India, Dubai, Oman and Japan.

Areas of experience include, advanced education and post graduate research institutions, biomedical, high containment facilities, contract research organizations, advanced materials research and development, renewable energy, engineering laboratories, oil and gas and biotechnology.

Emec Scientific's strengths are in design, project management and project delivery.

Emec is proud to be 100% Malaysian Made and ISO 9001: 2015 certified


To be an internationally recognized integrated medical engineering company with significant presence in the Asia Pacific region and beyond.



To nurture a team of professionals with expertise in all aspects of construction and engineering, to strive to provide our employees with a rewarding work life and to provide value added services and products of high quality to our customers.

The Team

Andrew Bayly

Managing Director

Phillipa Yoong


Shahirul Hidir


Muhamad Amirul


Laboratory Equipment Engineering

EMEC specializes in custom designed pathology equipment with multiple models of grossing and autopsy tables that can be customized to exactly suite to the users requirements. Options include in-built or external fans, customized dimensions to suite the available space, adjustable sink size and location, fixed or motorized height adjustment, material options from SS304 or SS316, manual or hands free operation, various lighting, camera and dictation options. Call us to discuss your specific requirements.

EMEC has designed & build the first Malaysian mada pathology workstation, dehumidifying microscope storage cabinet using UVC technology and microprocessor controlled downdraft workstation.


  • Laboratory Design
  • BSL 3 Design & Certification
  • Dunk Tank
  • DOE Chimmey License Submission
  • DOSH Industrial Hygien LEV Testing
  • Civil & M&E Laboratory Works

Testing Services

  • Airflow velocity testing
  • Containment testing using SFE tracer gases
  • Airflow visualization by smoke tests
  • Temperature and Humidity Testing
  • Sound Pressure Levels
  • Light Level Testing

Our Products

Grossing Station G515

Grossing Station (General)


The G-Series grossing workstation provides a multi featured ergonomic, safe and practical work area for grossing of samples. All features are within easy reach while harmful formalin fumes and odors are efficiently drawn away from the operator leaving a safe, clean, bright and odor-free environment.

Grossing Station (Twin)


The T-Series dual grossing workstation is a grossing station designed to fully support dual dissection areas. with a common auxiliary work area in the middle and sample storage for supplies, the T-Series easily handles both the typical daily work load and any demand spike. All features are within easy reach while...

biosafety grossing station

Grossing Station (Bio-Safety)


The B-Series grossing workstation provides special features to allow grossing of fresh & potentially infectious samples. Features include HEPA filtered exhaust to capture infectious particles, height adjustable splash shield & UVC light for surface decontamination after grossing together with UVC shield to protect users...

Downdraft Table


EMEC DI50 Workstation is equipped with a downdraft ventilation system ensuring the operator is completely protected from harmful fumes. The workstation is either exhausted or can be fitted with recirculating exhaust system with high efficientcy filters which safely neutralize the harmful fumes, particularly xylene and formain.

Microscope Sterile Storage Cabinet


The Microscope Sterile Storage Solution, The EMEC S100 creates a low humidity sterile environment, inhibiting and killing mould and fungus, keeping instruments such as microscopes, film and electric components free from contamination



The Advanced Air® Toxic Fume Eliminator provides air pollution control, removing lower level toxic/acidic fumes from the exhaust airstream before it is passed into the atmosphere.

autopsy table

Autopsy Table


The Emec AOT260 is equipped with a downdraft ventilation system ensuring the operator is completely protected from harmful fumes & smells. The Emec Autopsy table can be completely customised to suite the use & requirement. Option include motorized height adjustment, connection to external exhaust, hot & cold water.

cavader tank storage

Anatomy Cavader Tank Storage


The emec cadaver tanks can be customized to suite the site situation and number of cadavers to be stored. Constructed from 2.5mm thick 304 stainless steel the cadaver tank is completely corrosion resistant. Every tank is safety tested to comply to DOSH and OSHA standards.

Exhaust arm

Exhaust Arm

FUMEX Local Extractor

Fumex local extractors Our range of local extractors is both extensive and leading-edge. We’re world leading in laboratory environments. All our extractors feature considerable positional stability and user-friendly aluminium designs. Also among the benefits are the external joints that ensure a clean interior with low pressure drops.

Chemical Storage Cabinet


Corrosive cabinets are available in one, two, and three-door models to go under fume cupboard or bench. Mid-height (1200mm) models are available in three standard widths.

Dunk Tank


The emec dunk tank allows for the passage of materials that are heat sensitive or can of be decontaminated using a liquid disinfectant across the bio containment barrier. Constructed from 304 stainless steel the dunk tank ...