The Microscope Sterile Storage Solution, the Emec S100 creates a low humidity sterile environment, inhabiting and killing mould and fungus, keeping instruments such as microscopes, film and electric components free from contamination

Product Specification

Key Features

2 Stage filtration - Aluminium filter removes particles > 0.4 microns & sterilization camber kills all active micro organisms in the air including fungus and mould.

UVC discharge lamp reduce humidity inhibating mould and fungus growth.

Filter kill mould and fungus already on instruments by removing particles from air destroying food source.

Air curtain prevents contaminated air entering cabiner when door is opened and closed.

Programmable timer maximizes between lifespan of fan, filter and discharge lamp and reduces energy consumption.

Malaysia made, New Zealand designed

User friendly control panel

Techincal Data Emec S100

Height 1,900mm
Width 900mm
Depth 750mm
Power 240V/50Hz
Shelves 3nos
Filter 2 stage; Aluminium & UVC
Door Toughened Glass
Operating Humidity <50%